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 Thank you Dominic for the very romantic couples massage! me and David really enjoyed the romantic atmosphere, and your amazing touch!
the thing that amazed me the most was that in a very short conversation, with a very few words, you have managed to lift our relationship up to a higher level as a couple. thank you so much!!!
see you again soon...

My boyfriend and I went here on a whim. We found a groupon for a couples massage, and although we read mixed reviews - we were pleasantly surprised and had an amazing experience. I would definitely go back here again and plan to.

Both Paule-Dominque and her male massage therapist gave us wonderful full hour massages. Every movement and technique was thorough, fluid and felt amazing. We've both had our fair share of massages and were skeptical.

We went on a saturday during the afternoon and we were the only clients there. We went into her studio, where we had two side by side tables blocked off by curtains. Overall very wonderful and relaxing experience.



Dear Paule-Dominique,


Thank you for the lovely massage. I haven't had a massage that Swedish in a long while. I did find that many muscles stayed reasonably relaxed for days. My back seems to have stayed in fairly good alignment - previous to our appointment, I had been thinking I might need to see a chiropractor but I haven't felt that need since seeing you.

My schedule is quite dense right now but I will be in touch sometime closer to when I have free time again.





Please tell us how your massage was with

                  VOILÀ LA FAMILIA

"I had a million knots in my muscles and got them all out! I was extremely sore from a plane ride and sleeping in hotels for the past 2 weeks since i was traveling so i was due for a massage. it was definitely something that needed to be done. the facility is very clean and if you're always cold like me you'll love it since there are heated tables! i would definitely go back!"



"Very friendly, very accommodating. The best massage I ever had. They made us feel so comfortable."


"Third time here (a few weeks ago).  This time I had the tandem massage, and it was quite an interesting and very good experience, and a little overwhelming at times.  I will not get this type of massage all the time, but it was great to try and maybe I'll do it once a year or so.   The way it worked was that one massage therapist worked on my upper body while the other worked on my legs.  Then they switched, so in effect you are getting two different massages on each area, each with its own unique strokes and pressure.  The part that was a little overwhelming was that it was sometimes difficult for me to focus on all aspects of the massage as it was going on (such as my focus being on my shoulders and upper back and missing a little of what was going on at the same time with my calves).  Certain aspects of it though really brought it all together (seemed to happen most with diagonally-opposed areas such as one person massaging the left side of my back while the other was working on my right hamstring), giving this kind of crazy sensation throughout my body.  

I will emphasize, this is definitely a place to get a lighter massage.  If you are looking to get completely tore up, this is likely not your best bet.  That being said, portions of my massage did include a fair amount of pressure, so it was a nice mix of swedish and a little deeper tissue work.

After it ended, Paule and her accomplice were both interested in hearing my feedback from the massage.  No pressure to buy more (though I will!!)  Overall, very satisfied."

- Joe, client




Paule: Thank you so much for your time with me. It was an amazing release of tension for me, both from my body and my soul. You were a gift to me when I needed it most.

- Diane



"There is no way you won't fall in love with Paul-Dominique... It starts when she sticks her nose out the door - telling you with a genuine smile and a exquisite French accent that she's running late- the studio- neat, clean, simple, cute, warm, prIvat.... The massage- professional, attention is paid where you need it..almost felt like healing.... Thanks Paul-Dominique"



"I love Paule-Dominique. She is very caring and concerned about your well-being and health. I have had multiple massages at Voila La Familia and have no complaints; the massages are fantastic, Paule-Dominique is very professional, the location is convenient close to BART, and scheduling is easy."



"I was late (boo, me)! However, she accommodated me and gave me an excellent massage for the time that I had left. I also liked her nurturing manner. It felt like she really cared about whether I was comfortable or not and cared about whether I was taking enough care of myself. She does massage for pregnant mothers, so I could sense that's the way she treats her clients and it was a very nice touch."



"One of the best massages I have ever received (and I get massages almost every month). Thank you! I will be back."



"She was a very sweet lady and it was a nice gentle massage. The space was a little old, felt from the seventies. She put oil on my face, but I am sure you could easily ask her not to use the oil when massaging the face. Overall it was a good massage and i would go back and ask for no oil on the face."



"I found Paule online. What caught my eye was that she specialized in prenatal and infant massage. Since I am pregnant, I decided to  try her massage.  I really enjoyed my massage! Paule has a lot of knowledge of the pregnant body and I left feeling relaxed and confident that she will be my therapist throughout my pregnancy."



"Thank you for your compassion."



"Had a very good massage. Love that place!!!!"


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