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Paule-Dominique specializes in offering a soothing, peaceful and caring massage for couples, babies, children, teenagers and parents. She is certified in pregnancy massage, pediatric massage, infant massage and premature babies.

She also massages people who have cancer or are experiencing grief from loss. Her massages have helped hundreds of clients heal physical and emotional issues. Her mission is to promote the healing & relaxing effects of massage therapy.


*My purpose is to release accumulated stress and pain within your body.


*I use simple techniques to help the flow of energy enter your body.


*Your body will feel relaxed and your mind will be calm after the massage.



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Coeur d’Amour

“Heart of Love”

 Coeur d'amour 

“Touch is vital to improving your physical health, reducing stress and enhancing connection to self.”



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109 Bartlett #203 San Francisco, CA 94110   |   Phone 415-309-5105   |  |